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"DiabetiKids" gives parents the information and tools to help their child with Type 1 juvenile diabetes to flourish and care for themselves.

Having a child diagnosed with diabetes is a major event in your life. Your single most important job as a parent is to keep everything in perspective. Properly managed, your child's diabetic condition should not prevent him or her from doing anything any other child does.

Your child's attitude will, in large part, be a reflection of your attitude. If you approach diabetes management in a matter-of-fact manner, your child will learn to do the same.


Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Type 2 diabetes among people under 20 is rising at an alarming rate. In the past, Type 2 diabetes was strictly an adult disease, which is why it’s been called “adult-onset diabetes.” Typically it takes years to develop in adults, but as the number of overweight and obese children increases, so does their risk for Type 2 diabetes.

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Three Keys to Better Juvenile Diabetes Care

Early adolescence – ages 10 to 15 – is a critical time for kids with diabetes. Following your doctor’s regimen of blood sugar testing, injections, diet and exercise is daunting while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in your child’s life. Your involvement as a parent is as crucial as ever since these ages are often associated with deteriorating treatment disciple.

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